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Momentum is king in the music world, and Deafheaven has it in spades. It began with two guys and eighty-five dubs to cassette, the result of which was the Deafheaven demo (streaming below and available for purchase at their Bandcamp page), a combination of classic screamo and pensive black metal that lit up the underground. Labels came calling and the San Francisco band teamed with Deathwish Inc for a limited release of tracks from the demo, as well as their forthcoming LP.


Read the full interview with deafheaven at Brooklyn Vegan. Can’t wait for their vinyl release on Deathwish Inc!


A problem with prices…

Today I went into the city to one of my local record stores to browse through their “new albums” collection. I was only really looking for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart LP, but after finding that album it’s always fun to browse through the rest of the new albums. Having bought a couple of albums online the night before I decided to leave it be and have lunch with my girfriend…

After lunch we walked into the MediaMarkt (a european megastore of electronics, often putting local retailers out of business) because I know they’re even selling vinyl over there now. I was surprised to see that their collection had grown quite a bit since my last visit somewhere in 2008. Instead of like 50 albums they now have someting like 200 to 250 new albums on sale, ranging from The Beatles to Volbeat. The problem is that their prices are lower than the local record stores’ prices. ..

The hyped up Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest album was around 20,- euros in the MediaMarkt, it was 23,- euros in the local record store. The new Alela Diane – To Be still – was 19,- euros at the MediaMarkt, it was 21,50 at the local record store. I picked up Amy Winehouse – Frank (180gr) for 10,- euros (!!!) and left the MediaMarkt with mixed feelings. I’d like to support my local record store, but knowing that buying records from the MediaMarkt is cheaper pains my wallet…

The next step is of course comparing prices from the local record store to prices from online stores. Buying stuff online is a lot cheaper, but if nobody buys records from record stores anymore, browsing through collections and chatting with the owners will die out. And that’s half the fun of buying records, isn’t it?